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"Farmers markets are important because they have helped us reconnect to the land, but equally important, they have helped us reconnect with one another." - Farmers' Market Coalition

It's a beautiful thing, a farmers' market. These days, we're lucky enough to have a farmers' market in nearly every neighborhood of Columbus. Week night, weekend, weekday lunch hour. In the alley, at your church, or even at a shopping mall. Producer only, Ohio only... The list goes on, but what does it all mean?

With the first annual Linden Farmers Market season in the books, we start to consider why our market stands out. What makes us special? Why shop the Linden Farmers Market instead of another?

In its first year, the Linden Farmers Market hosted 29 producers, with 20% of those producers hailing from the Linden neighborhood. The others traveled from Monclova to Groveport, and everywhere in between, to bring a diverse array of products including fruits, vegetables, pickles, baked goods, flowers, bread and more to market.

Our producers are farmers, bread bakers, and food artisans. When you're at the Linden Farmers Market, you're talking with the person who grew the food, or someone that works on the farm. You're talking to a Linden resident who makes pickles in his kitchen or grows greens in her backyard. Our producers are strictly prohibited from purchasing food from wholesale or terminal operations, meaning your dollars are making the biggest impact: directly supporting local food producers and working to preserve vital Ohio farmland.

But what makes the Linden Farmers Market? Well, we think it's simple: the community, the producers, and a desire for excellence. In a short time, we worked tirelessly and diligently to create a new and vibrant marketplace. One that would re-energize the community and their passion for eating local. One that could bridge the gap between farmers and the food you serve on your table. We are a market that stands for quality and diversity, and strives to provide a productive marketplace for farmers and food artisans.

Stay tuned all winter long for information about our plans for 2019 and beyond. While we don't know everything, we know that we're committed to making the Linden Farmers Market the place to be every Sunday!

For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at

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